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Traditional Martial Arts Classes

Public and RAC Members Welcome

Martial Arts For Health & Wellness, LLC

Class Location & Times

Rochester Athletic Club

3100 19th Street NW

Rochester, MN 55901

Classes meet in the Civic View Room


5:00 PM - White Belts

6:00 PM - Yellow & Green Belts

7:00 PM - Blue, Red & Black Belts


5:00 PM - Yellow & Green Belts

6:00 PM - Blue, Red & Black Belts

7:00 PM - White Belts


5:00 PM - Blue, Red & Black Belts

6:00 PM - White Belts

7:00 PM - Yellow & Green Belts

Please contact us below for more information.

Traditional martial arts classes are an excellent way for youth and adults to grow both mentally and physically.  Develop discipline, respect and confidence along with physical fitness, stress relief and self-defense skills through structured martial art classes.

For Inquiries 

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