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My husband and I started Martial Arts For Health (& Wellness, LLC) to stimulate my 10 years old son. But we ended up enjoying this experience and now look forward to each class.


The exercise is great for the body. You feel the muscles getting stronger as you work to improve each movement.

While in class my mind is also getting trained. My concentration is much better which helps with my work.


Kirby is very patient with all kids, even big ones, and is very good at getting their attention. 


My son, who does not like much of exercise, now is working hard to keep improving and get promoted.


Regina Mackey

Our son has learned what it is to be still, challenged, and focused.  We were also able to witness firsthand the confidence he gained by participating in the martial arts. 


Becky and Scott Gerdes

My 7 year old boy is in the middle of his second year of martial arts training with Kirby.  The benefits of his participation were both immediate and are ongoing.  Right away his manners improved, as did his listening skills.  He’s gained confidence as well, and has been able to stand up for himself when dealing with bullies.  


Kirby’s teaching style is fantastic too.  He’s kind, patient and firm.  You can tell the kids like and respect him.  


I highly recommend MAFHAW for your kids.  Kirby and my son have exceeded my expectations in every regard.


Xavi Torres

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