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Master Instructor Kirby Strissel

Master Strissel began training in the martial arts in October 1990 under Master Fred Gommels.  He has had the opportunity to train with many talented Masters and GrandMasters in the USA and South Korea in a variety of martial arts.

Martial Art Ranks

6th Dan - Simmudo Master Instructor

World Simmudo Federation

6th Dan - TaeKwonDo-KongSooDo Master Instructor

Martial Art Fitness Centers, Inc.

4th Dan - Taekwondo

Korea Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan

3rd Dan - Hapkido

Martial Art Fitness Centers, Inc.

1st Dan - Judo

United States Judo Association

Leadership Postions Held

Kwan Jang

Martial Arts For Health & Wellness, LLC



Korea/USA Simmudo Association


Manager of General Affairs

Korea/USA Simmdo Association


Head Of Instructor Leadership Program

Martial Arts Fitness Centers, Inc.


Operations Manager

Martial Art Fitness Centers, Inc.


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